Sew I Have Finished

So my weeks leave has ticked by and I did indeed manage to get a little sewing done – in-between supervising Moo baking, (he has yet to read all the instructions on the recipe but hey ho the finished cupcakes were delicious) He is now mid melt down trying check the chain on his bike apparently I am the worst grandma ever because I am trying to get him to figure it all out and fix it himself (via google obviously) I am sure once he has it figured his self esteem will sore until then I’m happy to be the bad guy.

Anyhoo back to the sewing I have indeed finished said blouse, it wasn’t too difficult although I did have to reread the collar attachment quite a few times!!

Two tiny tucks to the front and a large pleat to the back, I am very pleased with the outcome and it fits very nicely indeed

I had a delivery of fabric via the magic of online ordering so proceeded to make a start on my next project

Beware I’m going in, the cutting out of the dungarees has begun

I have to hold my hands up here and confess to being over eager, not taking enough breaks and just wanting to have a finished article, lesson learnt, going forward I will endeavour to slow down so my clothes meet my expectations

Ta da a completed 1940s outfit 🙂

For now my sewing machine is packed away again as tomorrow I have to show my face back at ‘The Workplace’ for now I shall be dreaming of another project, another fabric, another pattern 🙂


Sew 1940s

It seems forever since I did any sewing so it’s time I put that to rights! I adore the style of the 1940s so time to peruse the interweb for the pattern that I ‘ve had my eye on for a while, While the dungarees are on my to do list I fancy attacking the blouse first

I absolutely love this 🙂

Excuse me while I go off to rummage through my fabric stash, not that it is huge you understand …. it’s just that I know I will get side tracked with all my other crafting goodies, decide on at least 4 projects I ABSOLUTLY have to add to my to do list, check if I have the fabric for them … if not peruse the net again for the ideal fabric, purchase it, decide that I really, really ought to add a second choice – you know just in case it would look better, THEN return to the task in hand

Ta dah I’m back see I said I wouldn’t be too long I think that 2 days flew by

Obviously as I haven’t done this craft for a while it will be a case of measure 72 times, cut once, then spend at least a day transferring all the markings, sit and stroke my cut out pieces, read the pattern – get confused, re read it – still be confused, have a cup of tea or two till the penny drops then set to and actually begin to sew, then wonder off again as a crochet blanket is calling my name, oh dear the absent mind of a lady of a certain age with so many projects and a teenager to organise

I shall be back – possibly at the end of the week with an update, but don’t quote me on that I have taken some time off The Workplace as Moo is on half term so who knows what might happen

Simple makes

There are joys of being the only girl in the household (apart from Neurotic Cat who must be 1047 years old by now if she is day) ~ however my main sorrow is bath times, ‘the boys’ choice of manly fragrance in the bubble bath department outshine mine due to the fact they use the majority of the stuff.

Just throwing this out there …. why do teenage boys smell like the bottom of a hamsters cage ??

I’m a little fractious of having the aroma most of the time of someone whom is in touch with their masculine side. So guess what … I going to make my own wonderful girly fragranced bath time goodies that I know those two won’t touch for the fear of lack of bubbles.

Ingredients ready, inspiration sought time to get busy

I have looked up the method of making bath salts with pink Himalayan salt and an indulgent recipe for bath milk ~ guess what it was a doddle, quick, simple and stress free ….voila here is the result

Wonderfully feminine, the scent of Jasmine fills the bathroom, peace is restored once more

Woe betide any male in the household who even THINKS of touching my produce, they need to remember the old adage of hell hath no fury like a woman sconed (yes I know the quote relates to love but I’m sure you get my drift)

A home For Three

“Well, well, well, she’s not fallen off the planet after all” you may just be possibly be thinking to yourself … no I haven’t but my oh my, has our little world has shifted on it’s axis …..

Moo is now under our Kinship care & lives with Beloved & I full time, who knew we would be parenting again in our 60’s … but here we are smashing it …mostly … sometimes …well now & again – anyone who has teenagers will know exactly where I am going with this.

He has had some complex needs, it is two steps forward, one step backwards, but fingers crossed we are getting there, I had forgotten how funny kids can be ~ I for one think his ears are an optional extra, how he can sit through a whole conversation and misinterpret EVERYTHING is beyond me.

Prime example we were doing some school work surrounding WW2 has somehow he came to the conclusion that Hitler’s Christian name was Kevin!!!! HOW, just where did he get that from ???

Joining the cadets has really focused him which is fantastic, he has his first ‘camp’ next week, which mean Beloved & I will be child free ~ cue shenanigans on our behalf on an epic scale I’m thinking food shopping, ironing, Beloved can potter in the garage without the constant chatter of “Grandma” “Grandpa” my excitement knows no bounds

Visit To A Drawing

One of my treasures (and I have many let me tell you) is a drawing on my sitting room wall and I do believe it only took me a year or so to find out it was an actual place!!

This is an artists impression of the market town Helmsley in the North York Moors National Park

As this last weekend promised to be sunny and almost spring like according to the BBC weather forecaster I took them at their word & Beloved, ‘The Twonk Known As The Dog’ & I set off to find if the magical drawing did indeed live up to my expectations

Oh my not only did it do it justice .. it is a actual representation … or it would be if I had stood in the same spot as the artist

While we were ensconced in the village a stroll was embarked upon, little hidden gems were found down back streets and up little trackways

This tiny stream was a delight and The Twonk was convinced his was his own private paddling pool

Unfortunately Beloved is still recovering from 2 successful neck cancer operations which means he soon gets tired, me being a brave soul when it comes to striding out on a solo a map reading walk decided to send Beloved & ‘The Twonk’ back to the motorhome while I explored, (Twonk stayed with Beloved on account that I am his 2nd favourite Hooman)

Although I live in the countryside I will never tire of views of open fields and the wonder of what is round the corner

I was only gone for an hour or two before meeting back up with a fully rested Beloved & The Twonk and what is the best way to celebrate a walk over hill and dale

With coffee & cake in a muddy boot and dog friendly café

Turn out two more drawings / watercolours I own are ‘real’ places so more visits to my artworks will be made in the future

Go On – Try Something New

You know how there is something lurking in the back of your mind that you really fancy having a go at?? …. well today Beloved took me into our nearest town to the Riverlight Festival to have a taster session at something new

I have always had this image in my head that given the chance I could be a kayaking supremo

Not sure who I was kidding – if the aim is just to keep going in circles I was the bee’s knees – after a while I sort of got the gist of going in a straight line …for all of 30 seconds at a time

OK so I kind of got tangled up with a tree branch at one point – but I’m sure that could happen to anyone right??

I was full of confidence that I didn’t capsize or drift anywhere near any rapids, PLUS one of the organisers overwhelmed that a grey haired lady of a certain age was hyper, she cheered me on when I glanced at the paddle boards, the club treasurer was summoned and before I knew what was happening I was off once more onto the river

No I didn’t get round to standing up, the local press were taking photos for the midweek paper and there was no way on this earth did I want to be photographed belly up floating off into the distance

What a fantastic morning, was I glad I tried something new – you bet I am …… must dash I’m off to book some lessons I do believe SUP my just be right up my street

Well, Well, Well

First and foremost sorry for being AWOL for the past nearly 2 years !! Goodness the whole world has changed since I last threw the door open and invited you virtually into my little world, after a major reality check I have made the mahoosive decision to overhaul my blog, it will not just be about crafting but will include everyday life at the cottage, hope no -one will find it too mundane

In the last 6 months Beloved had been diagnosed with neck cancer – had 2 major operations and has now been confirmed as cancer free – talk about a 360 degree life roller-coaster ride

‘The Twonk Known As The Dog’ is still a major twonk, Neurotic Cat must be at least 375 in cat years and the support crew at the cottage has grown once more

I am a grandma once again … and yes it’s another boy

So if you are ready the kettle is on and if you feel like pulling up a chair I’ll share all the goings on about the not so exciting times at life at the cottage on the green

The Cottage Goes Mobile

Beloved, ‘The Twonk Known As The Dog’ & I decided it was time to hit the road …. but with all the comforts of home, how do you do that – simple

Add a sofa each for Beloved & I and we are sorted

Of course you also need a petite bathroom complete with shower … yes I am wearing dungarees, yes I am almost 60 and no I don’t care what anyone thinks. There you have it off into the blue yonder we go

Keep Learning

Learning is a passion for me, although I have at LEAST 30 courses to complete per year on a rolling schedule for ‘The Workplace’, I love learning something new in my everyday life … I have been busy researching, taking notes and submitting work

It’s a joy when not only did I know what they were asking of me but I delivered !!

This year I’m focusing on personal growth, as I’m hurtling toward my senior years, I need to be living life to the fullest and beyond, don’t get me wrong stepping out of my comfort zones won’t be plain sailing but I aim to go at it full steam ahead, elbows out and taking no prisoners

Now this is a thought provoking course – mindset is everything and I will turn mine around, I have already started the advanced course

What will I do with this new found knowledge ?

I may or may not spend this weekend’s planned adventure wearing my PJ’s to save time getting dressed – who knows

Beloved, ‘The Twonk Known As The Dog’ & I have a wild camping weekend on the books setting off this afternoon – where to isn’t pre determined as I haven’t stuck a pin in map yet, if we survive unscathed I update you the beginning of next week

And Just Where Have You Been ??

Please forgive me for I have not posted in FOREVER  *hanging head in shame* So just what have I been up to you wonder while shaking your head in my direction, possibly thinking “Do I even remember this woman?”  Have I spent may a moon crafting?? mmm that would be a NO, obviously I haven’t been traveling the world or having adventures either.

A year ago I had the mad wonderful idea that how great it would be to start running… nope not sure where that little nugget of intention came from either

Lets try running
Obviously this image is a total lie … I couldn’t actually hack 2 minutes of running

Undeterred I downloaded the free NHS Couch 2 5K  app and set off once more ~ now I can just tell you are perched on the edge of your seat wondering how on earth this all panned out , well fast forward 3 months later and in November 2019 I ran my first race

night run
If you are going to run your first 10k race, why not run it in the dark, with no one you know, in a place you have never been to before!!

Then in March this year 1 week before lock down I ran a HALF MARATHON … get me, a runner, someone who can actually run & breath at THE SAME TIME!!! a slightly deranged personage of a certain age  in the prime of her life who decided instead of just thinking / wondering could I, should I, to someone who did

Finish line Sleaford half
Yes it might not be the most elegant finish line photo and I do have some sort of mad hair day going on but I’m ridiculously proud of myself

I do now solemnly swear not to leave it too long before I post again