Keep Learning

Learning is a passion for me, although I have at LEAST 30 courses to complete per year on a rolling schedule for ‘The Workplace’, I love learning something new in my everyday life … I have been busy researching, taking notes and submitting work

It’s a joy when not only did I know what they were asking of me but I delivered !!

This year I’m focusing on personal growth, as I’m hurtling toward my senior years, I need to be living life to the fullest and beyond, don’t get me wrong stepping out of my comfort zones won’t be plain sailing but I aim to go at it full steam ahead, elbows out and taking no prisoners

Now this is a thought provoking course – mindset is everything and I will turn mine around, I have already started the advanced course

What will I do with this new found knowledge ?

I may or may not spend this weekend’s planned adventure wearing my PJ’s to save time getting dressed – who knows

Beloved, ‘The Twonk Known As The Dog’ & I have a wild camping weekend on the books setting off this afternoon – where to isn’t pre determined as I haven’t stuck a pin in map yet, if we survive unscathed I update you the beginning of next week

3 thoughts on “Keep Learning

  1. Congratulations for finishing your course. Keep on Learning. You can never learn enough. Have fun on your amping trip. Stay safe and have fun. Give love and hugs to Beloved and The Twonk. And Neurotic Cat if he’ll let you!

    1. Thank you for your kind comment, Neurotic Cat is most certainly open to hugs and endeavours to nose rub Twonk on a daily basis … poor Twonk is not quite sure on cat etiquette so just stands there very still till NC moves on then looks at me as if to say “well that was strange”

      1. Lol! At least they get along. Our dogs and cats get along. Mostly. Our little terrier thinks our younger cat is his personal play toy. And the cat, whose name is Genevieve, can give as good as she gets.

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