Visit To A Drawing

One of my treasures (and I have many let me tell you) is a drawing on my sitting room wall and I do believe it only took me a year or so to find out it was an actual place!!

This is an artists impression of the market town Helmsley in the North York Moors National Park

As this last weekend promised to be sunny and almost spring like according to the BBC weather forecaster I took them at their word & Beloved, ‘The Twonk Known As The Dog’ & I set off to find if the magical drawing did indeed live up to my expectations

Oh my not only did it do it justice .. it is a actual representation … or it would be if I had stood in the same spot as the artist

While we were ensconced in the village a stroll was embarked upon, little hidden gems were found down back streets and up little trackways

This tiny stream was a delight and The Twonk was convinced his was his own private paddling pool

Unfortunately Beloved is still recovering from 2 successful neck cancer operations which means he soon gets tired, me being a brave soul when it comes to striding out on a solo a map reading walk decided to send Beloved & ‘The Twonk’ back to the motorhome while I explored, (Twonk stayed with Beloved on account that I am his 2nd favourite Hooman)

Although I live in the countryside I will never tire of views of open fields and the wonder of what is round the corner

I was only gone for an hour or two before meeting back up with a fully rested Beloved & The Twonk and what is the best way to celebrate a walk over hill and dale

With coffee & cake in a muddy boot and dog friendly café

Turn out two more drawings / watercolours I own are ‘real’ places so more visits to my artworks will be made in the future

4 thoughts on “Visit To A Drawing

  1. A lovely drawing and what a wonderful thing to find out it was a real place. And a beautiful place it is. Looks like you are having a great start of your trip. Enjoy and stay safe.

    1. We decided it would be better if we only have a couple of days away at a time until Beloved is fighting fit again, it was fabulous to get out and about – even if it did mean I had to go solo for part of it

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