Simple makes

There are joys of being the only girl in the household (apart from Neurotic Cat who must be 1047 years old by now if she is day) ~ however my main sorrow is bath times, ‘the boys’ choice of manly fragrance in the bubble bath department outshine mine due to the fact they use the majority of the stuff.

Just throwing this out there …. why do teenage boys smell like the bottom of a hamsters cage ??

I’m a little fractious of having the aroma most of the time of someone whom is in touch with their masculine side. So guess what … I going to make my own wonderful girly fragranced bath time goodies that I know those two won’t touch for the fear of lack of bubbles.

Ingredients ready, inspiration sought time to get busy

I have looked up the method of making bath salts with pink Himalayan salt and an indulgent recipe for bath milk ~ guess what it was a doddle, quick, simple and stress free ….voila here is the result

Wonderfully feminine, the scent of Jasmine fills the bathroom, peace is restored once more

Woe betide any male in the household who even THINKS of touching my produce, they need to remember the old adage of hell hath no fury like a woman sconed (yes I know the quote relates to love but I’m sure you get my drift)


4 thoughts on “Simple makes

  1. LOL! You go girl. Take her advice guys, don’t touch the good stuff! I was wondering if Neurtotic cat was still around. Do you still have the shepherd? I can’t remember his name now. It will come to me eventually. (Smiling) Enjoy your bath.

    1. Neurotic Cat is a true old lady now each morning I greet her with the phrase ” I get to be with you one more day”
      ‘The Twonk Known As The Dog’ real name Otter will be 5 next month, he might …. just might mind you be beginning to calm down, he is still reactive to most dogs however when we take him somewhere really busy he doesn’t have time to focus on any dog in particular so is much better, so we take him with us nearly everywhere, we even went to a dog friendly indoor flea market last weekend and he was fabulous

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