Sew 1940s

It seems forever since I did any sewing so it’s time I put that to rights! I adore the style of the 1940s so time to peruse the interweb for the pattern that I ‘ve had my eye on for a while, While the dungarees are on my to do list I fancy attacking the blouse first

I absolutely love this 🙂

Excuse me while I go off to rummage through my fabric stash, not that it is huge you understand …. it’s just that I know I will get side tracked with all my other crafting goodies, decide on at least 4 projects I ABSOLUTLY have to add to my to do list, check if I have the fabric for them … if not peruse the net again for the ideal fabric, purchase it, decide that I really, really ought to add a second choice – you know just in case it would look better, THEN return to the task in hand

Ta dah I’m back see I said I wouldn’t be too long I think that 2 days flew by

Obviously as I haven’t done this craft for a while it will be a case of measure 72 times, cut once, then spend at least a day transferring all the markings, sit and stroke my cut out pieces, read the pattern – get confused, re read it – still be confused, have a cup of tea or two till the penny drops then set to and actually begin to sew, then wonder off again as a crochet blanket is calling my name, oh dear the absent mind of a lady of a certain age with so many projects and a teenager to organise

I shall be back – possibly at the end of the week with an update, but don’t quote me on that I have taken some time off The Workplace as Moo is on half term so who knows what might happen


6 thoughts on “Sew 1940s

  1. I like it too… we had a motty party once in school… but it ended weird… they sent one f my classmates home… he was in a charlie chaplin costume and this id*ot teacher thought he is hitler… holy goooood…..

  2. What an art sewing is! I too prefer vintage style-especially the classic fifties. I have never sewn but admire those that do. We seem to have “projects” in common. Best wishes and look forward to seeing the results. love Michele

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment, I would class myself a mildly competent yet over enthusiastic sewer!! practice and patience will be required, enjoy your projects xx

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